Born to the Ifeakanwa family of Umuakaka in the Eziagbo compound of agbezi Agboji Abiriba, he is a well accomplished man, husband,mentor, brother and most of all the father of 6 children. As a well-educated man, his sole dream was to raise a family that would follow his footsteps and some day be greater than him, make him proud, and carry on the family tradition. His love for education has lead him to great heights, and he has sworn that all his children will be educated. This determination can today be seen on any person that has come in contact with him. He has always been known to say "Always start things you know you can finish". As a member of the Ekpankuma Age Grade of Abiriba, and the Onyekunyi Ibe Group of OTUTU ENYI he is a caring man. A full-grown Presbyterian Church Christian, he has always given good Christian advice to people who have been in need of one. He is an independent man, who will work on anything that he sets his mind to. Born into a family of seven brothers and two sisters, life was not easy. Today, only his twin sister Mrs. Tity Okoronkwo and younger brother Mr. Sam A. Ifeakanwa remain alive. His marriage to Chief Mrs. Iffy Ifeakanwa can only be described as a blessing. They had their traditional wedding "The Ibu Manyi" in 1978, then they had their court wedding in Atlanta, Georgia in 1980, and finally finished it off with a splendid white wedding in 1985.